Today I realized I am more than my body

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning when it hit me: pretty girls are a dime a dozen. Seriously. Look at enough pictures of perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect faces, perfect bodies and you’ll realize that being “pretty” isn’t really all that special.

Because everyone can be pretty. Sure, it might take a little more work for some but anyone can have a six pack, blonde hair or a golden tan if they want it.

But you know what everyone can’t be? YOU.


That is what sets you apart, that is what makes you special. Not what’s inside your closet but what’s inside your heart. Not the size of your body but the size of your dreams. Not the amount of time you spend at the gym but the amount of time you spend loving those that matter.

There will always be someone more pretty, more thin or more fit than you, but there can never be anyone more you than you.

Accept that, appreciate that, love that, believe that. More importantly, believe in yourself, in your passions, in what you have to give. Because you have so much more to offer the world than just a pretty face.

And the world NEEDS that from you. Your family, friends, people you haven’t met yet… they all need that from you. They need your love, your joy, your spirit, your smile.

Those are the qualities and the things that set you apart, that make you special. They are what make you beautiful. They are what will make your life worthwhile and fulfilling and wonderful.

I know it’s hard to believe in that, to believe that it truly is what’s inside of you that makes you attractive. It’s something I still struggle with everyday but it’s something I’m coming to realize more and more as I grow in my recovery and my life. A beautiful soul comes from being a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend, a better person.

So stop comparing yourself. Remember you are more than your body. The beauty of your heart is what sets you apart. ❤



2 thoughts on “Today I realized I am more than my body

  1. I never realised until recently that beautiful isn’t about having nice hair, nice eyes, a good body etc. because it truly is what is on the inside that counts and I do believe that more and more people are starting to realise that. And you yourself have a heart of gold I can see that through your writing and that’s what makes you beautiful and special


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