Weekend camping trip to Elk Neck State Park

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Let me start by saying I am not outdoorsy. My idea of “camping” is a climate controlled cabin with indoor plumbing and a nice kitchen.

So when some friends invited me to go tent camping for the weekend, I hesitantly agreed. And then immediately regretted my decision. As Friday approached, I grew more and more nervous… and resentful that I was choosing to waste an entire weekend on an activity I was SURE I would hate.

When Friday night rolled around, I almost cancelled. But, with one last longing look at my comfy bed, I grabbed my new Eddie BauerΒ backpack and sleeping bag and headed out on my adventure to Elk Neck State Park, a gorgeous park right on the Chesapeake Bay.

And guess what? I LOVED IT.

I loved it so much, I may be on the REI website as I write this, looking at prices of tents! πŸ˜‰

It was an awesome weekend and I could not be happier that I forced myself out of my comfort zone to go. Just proves how rewarding trying new things and letting down our guard can be!

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Here’s a little weekend recap:

– I set up a tent for the first time in my life. And surprisingly, was not as difficult as I’d imagined! The temperature was perfect for sleeping too. Upper 60’s, low humidity and the best breeze.

– We had amazing campfire meals. Eggs and hash browns for breakfast, spaghetti carbonara for lunch (courtesy of the Italian exchange students on our trip!) and burgers and grilled eggplant for dinner. And of course, you can’t forget s’mores. Took me right back to Girl Scout trips in elementary school. Nothing like warm, chocolate-y, gooe-y marshmallow goodness!

view from camp
view from camp

– We went hiking to see the lighthouse on the bay and spent Saturday afternoon on the camp beach. The weather couldn’t have been better and it was just gorgeous scenery. The perfect way to unwind, disconnect from technology and get away for a weekend!

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sunday sunrise on the beach

I’m so happy the camping trip was a success and I definitely want to go a lot more in the future. I still don’t think I’m an “outdoorsy” girl yet (the thought of slimy bugs and peeing in the woods makes me want to curl up and cry) but I did surprise myself this weekend. Here’s to more camping adventures to come and exploring beautiful places!

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