recipe: cinnamon roll green smoothie

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to be honest, i never got into the smoothie trend. but the other day, i was wandering the farmer’s market and found freshly ground flax seed.  all i knew about flax was that it was supposed to have some miraculous health benefits so i figured i’d give it a go. the problem, however, was that the only recipes i had heard of using flax seed were smoothie recipes.

so naturally, the 2 dollar bag of flax was the perfect excuse to impulsively purchase a blender (although i think this is something i should own anyways as an “adult” right??).

after an hour of pinterest and a trip to trader joe’s, i was ready to make my first smoothie. i’ve had “green monsters” before that use spinach or kale and i love them so i wanted to try it for myself.

with this smoothie i’d say i was successful : )


recipe: cinnamon roll green smoothie


1 banana (can be frozen if you want a “real” smoothie. i sometimes don’t freeze so it’s more of a creamy juice)

Handful of baby spinach

1 cup almond milk, vanilla or original

1 Tbsp flax seed

3 tsp honey

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Dash of cinnamon

how to make: combine all ingredients in a blender. blend. drink.



2 thoughts on “recipe: cinnamon roll green smoothie

  1. I have made something like this before and it was wonderful! I’m in love with my blender and I’ve used it for so many things; mixing cake batter, making raw energy balls, smoothies, mixing cocktails! You name it and I’ve probably incorporated my blender! Ha. They are magical…and I might be a little obsessed. Glad you impulsively joined the smoothie club 😉


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