weekend recap 1/12


my weekend in five:

1. had a first date friday night. we went to the oldest bar in fells point. the horse you came in on. it was such a cool place: saloon style with live music and old western decor. i had a crab pretzel (aka heaven on a plate) and blue moon peach ale. all in all it went well… and date number two is already in the works!


2. worked at the bar during the ravens game saturday. super crazy and a fun crowd but unfortunately ended in a disappointing loss. maybe next year guys : (


3. got to sleep in and wake up to that cute face saturday morning. nothing beats cozy snuggle time with my furball especially when it’s paired with a good book. i started AND finished “a wedding in provence” this weekend. a lazy morning reading was way overdue.



4. enjoyed one of my favorite weekend treats: a salt bagel from bagelworks in hunt valley. i love weekend meals because i get to actually sit down and enjoy them at the dining table with a glass of wine, instead of shoveling in a sandwich at my desk. it’s so relaxing to spend some time in my kitchen and create food that looks as good as it tastes.

5. the best part? some wintery weather overnight meant a two hour delay at the office this morning! any weekend that ends with an extra two hours of sleep is more than okay in my book.


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