throwing my first baby shower


today i threw my first baby shower ever. i guess i can officially say i’m an adult now. i mean i’m friends with people that are having babies ON PURPOSE. when did this happen and why do i still feel nowhere near old enough or ready for the whole marriage & kids thing?

regardless, i’m pretty proud of myself for pulling off the shower seeing as i’m a single, never-been-pregnant-and-let’s-keep-it-that-way 23 year old who has only been to one baby shower in her whole life. i was kind of out of my league but luckily, it went amazingly.

the whole company pitched in and together we were able to get her a nice gift card and the stroller off her registry! which i purchased and i swear babies’r’us is the most overwhelming store i’ve ever been in. who knew there were that many kinds of strollers…


the luncheon was a lot of fun, julie was happy, a bunch of people turned out AND the food was delicious. i had this granola and greek yogurt parfait with honey and berries. it tasted as good as it looked!


i am so happy for julie and her husband and absolutely cannot wait to meet the newest addition to their sweet family. she’s become like a big sister to me and such a great role model, both personally and professionally. i don’t think i could ask for a better coworker friend and know that she is going to a wonderful mother!



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