baby it’s cold outside



i love winter*

*by this i mean i love winter when i am cocooned in 20 warm fleece blankets with my kitten sleeping at the foot of my bed, a warm fire crackling nearby, a mug of steaming hot coffee laden with cream and heaps of sugar, a good chick book and nowhere to be.

so let me continue by saying none of the above was an option for today when i woke up to a nippy 8 degrees outside. the real world wasn’t going to stop just because of a little ridiculous cold.


that’s why some lifesaver invented heated car seats. seriously. i know sometimes they make you feel like you’ve just peed yourself but in general, i’m all about a toasty rear end on my morning commute. a little sam hunt on my spotify playlist didn’t hurt either. that voice, that face…marry me already???

and i took a new yummy candle to work today –hello, hot apple cider — so even though my desk is a mess of piles, at least it smells like christmas morning. : )



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