how going blonde changed me


ask anyone that knows me… hair colors don’t last with this girl. i’m indecisive by nature but for some reason, it’s the worst when it comes to my hair. i change it way more than anyone else and probably way more than i should, which is why i’m forever indebted to the inventor of deep conditioner.

so needless to say, my mother barely even batted an eye when i came home this weekend with a new ash blonde hue. to be fair though, i had been my natural brunette color for over a year- a huge record for me! but it was that time again for me. time for blonde!

i don’t know what it is about being blonde but i love it. it makes me feel prettier and more chic and polished and all of those happy words. i know it sounds shallow to attribute so much to a hair color but it’s true! for me, life as a blonde is pretty damn awesome. not to mention it means i can finally give up spray tanning since the lighter hair color pairs well with my naturally pale skin. thank god for no more stressing about streaking and splotching and all that mess.

so here’s to a new year & new hair (and new skin for that matter). i’m joining the ranks of fair skinned, fair haired girls and it feels long overdue. it actually feels kind of like i could be one of the real housewives of beverly hills now. if i was incredibly wealthy. and drove a range rover. and didn’t eat toast and pasta like it’s my life’s purpose. ok, so clearly i’m a long ways off from that “level” of blonde. but you know what? yesterday i slept until 11, drank wine while i lounged in a bubble bath and spent the afternoon painting my nails and giving myself a facial.

life as a blonde is kind of amazing so far.



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