first snow of 2015


the first thing i do after turning off my alarm every morning is check my instagram & facebook. call me a basic white girl, that’s fine, it’s true. but this morning was different. this morning i checked the government employee page, hoping and praying that the snow coming down outside my window was enough to close the office for the day.

sadly it wasn’t so i braved the slippery roads and unplowed parking lots to make it to my desk by 7:30 am. for the record, rush hour combined with snow and ice makes for one hell of a mess.

as i’m watching the snowflakes fall, it makes me miss snow days as a kid. hearing my mom whisper schools were closed, curling back up in my blankets for a few hours, baking cinnamon rolls with my sisters. the taste of buttery goodness, the crackling of the fire, the sound of my dad coming home at night crunching through the snow.

some of my happiest memories are snow days. growing up, i took them for granted. i thought they’d always exist, that even as an adult, i’d have the luxury of a day off at the sight of those white flakes. unfortunately, reality hits and we realize the world still turns when it snows. transactions are still made, deals are still closed, deadlines still need to be met.

and that’s why i’m here, sitting at my desk, at peace with being a “grown-up” but still wistfully dreaming of cozy blankets and warm cinnamon rolls.



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