new years resolutions

i read an article this morning that said less than 10% of Americans actually follow through on their new years resolutions. admittedly in the past, i’ve definitely contributed to that dismal statistic. but regardless, i still make resolutions every year. it gives me something to work towards, some way to feel like i’m improving my life. so here’s a few for 2015… and here’s to hoping they’re still going strong in a couple months!

1) don’t weigh myself. AT ALL.

2) be a better sister and daughter.

3) blog regularly.

4) write down one happy memory or simple joy every day for my happiness jar (thanks mom!)

5) stop speeding so much and texting while driving.

6) travel outside of the country for the first time.

7) start yoga teacher training.

8) meditate more.

9) become fluent in a new language.

10) stop bashing my body.

11) write more handwritten notes and letters.

12) figure out what I want to do with my life!


sister new years brunch selfie : )


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