happy new years: a look back at my favorite memories of 2014

new years is my favorite holiday. but not for the reasons you may think. it has nothing to do with big parties or lots of champagne or glittery dresses. ok, well the glittery dresses might be a LITTLE bit to blame.

but seriously, i love new years. i look forward to it as soon as the calendar turns to december 1. sure i enjoy christmas as much as the next person (who doesn’t!) but there is something special about new years. there’s something special about knowing that tomorrow is the start of a new chapter in your life, that you can wake up and do whatever you want, be whoever you want to be. as cliche and corny as it sounds, it’s the one day we all come together, let go of whatever bad things happened throughout the past year and collectively agree to make the next even better. i know statistics show most new years resolutions don’t even last a month but that’s beside the point. what matters is that for one night, we all experience the magic and hopefulness of ringing in a new year.

new years isn’t just about looking forward though. it’s also about looking back and reflecting on the past year. so here are just a few of my favorite memories of 2014:

– celebrating my one-year work anniversary at my company (my first “grown-up” office job!)

– moving into my first apartment on my own

– getting my first pet aka the world’s cutest kitten, Nala

– keeping said pet alive for more than a week

– being able to celebrate the holiday season with my family again

– beating anorexia!

– making new friends that have taught me so much about love and happiness

– trips to the new beach house with the fam

– making it to my five year high school reunion with old friends

– celebrating my little sister’s 21st birthday

– seeing my older sister happier than ever with the guy who is basically like my brother now

there are so many more happy memories from 2014, too many to list here. i am just so grateful and blessed for what a wonderful year it became after a rocky start. thanks to all of my friends and most importantly my family for making 2014 such a blessing!



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